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Obama Misfires on Mandated DOJ Smart Gun Report

Over and over gun control advocates have tried to get “smart gun” technology mandated through congress and various state legislatures. But it’s not happening fast enough for them, so President Obama gave it a little push in January when he asked the DOJ to: “[C]onduct... Read More

Meet Xavier Becerra – California’s New Anti-Gun AG

The waiting is over. We now know who California’s next Attorney General will be, and that gun owners can expect the same attacks on fundamental rights from the California Department of Justice they’ve experienced under the reign of Kamala Harris. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles),... Read More

What David Petraeus as Secretary of State Would Mean for Gun Owners

What would the nomination of retired Gen. David Petraeus as Secretary of State mean for gun owners? First, it’s more than a little ironic that Trump would even consider someone convicted of mishandling classified information for the role after he hammered Hillary Clinton for (a... Read More

Shannon Watts Goes Fact-Free in Ohio State Comments

This morning, Ohio State University police shot and killed a man who, according to reports, used his vehicle and a knife to attack students. Initial reports had claimed that there was an “active shooter” on the campus, but within an hour the information was updated... Read More

Anti-Gun Candidate Wins New Hampshire U.S. Senate Seat

Governor Maggie Hassan, the Democratic Governor of New Hampshire, has beaten incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte by 716 votes. Hassan, who has vetoed several pro-gun bills during her time as Governor, received approximately eight and a half million dollars in her effort to unseat Ayotte. Much... Read More

Wear Orange: Anti-Gun PA AG Headed to Prison

Pennsylvania’s former Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, has finally been sentenced for the felony perjury charges she has been fighting. Kane had been charged for leaking grand jury records and then lying about it. The judge in the case sentenced her to 10-23 months in prison.... Read More

Mizzou Football Coach Expects Players to Leave Their Rights at the Door

On an SEC conference call Wednesday, Missouri head football coach Barry Odom announced that players are not allowed to legally own a gun while a member of the team. Sports writer Matthew Stevens tweeted: Missouri head coach Barry Odom says his players are prohibited to... Read More

We Knew this Would Happen

can just hear the debates now: “If the center determined that you need to turn in all of your guns, then they must be right.” They will shove this propaganda down our throats bill after bill, year after year.... Read More

Thank these Pro-Gun Legislators

We like to see some initiative in legislators. Meaning, they need to do something to push our pro-Second Amendment agenda forward. This year, we’d like to recognize three Legislators for doing just that. ... Read More

A #WearOrange Politician Gets Caught Dealing Drugs In The Most Outrageous Way

You can’t make this up. Fairfax City (VA) Mayor R. Scott Silverthorne has everything a gun grabber could ask for. He’s a mayor of a prominent Washington, D.C. suburb, a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and her anti-gun agenda. Now, he’s headed to likely prison after... Read More