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Lawmaker Dares You To Break The Law

Obtaining a CCW permit is already a laborious process in California, and in some counties it is nearly impossible to get one. But Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty wants to make it even more difficult to get and maintain your license to carry. He’s sponsored two... Read More

Tell Santiago To Stop Attacking Free Speech!

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago hates your Second Amendment rights so much, he even wants to take away your First Amendment rights. California’s roadways are in disrepair, yet instead of finding ways to fix the problem Santiago is focused on giving the Department of Transportation regulatory power... Read More

Post-Gunpocalyse: The Assault on the Second Amendment Continues

After the Gunpocalypse frenzy in June, you might have thought California legislators were done for the year. But, just like that annoying houseguest who just won’t get the hint, they are coming back. They just took a break to jet to Europe or attend political... Read More

Democrats Adopt the Most Anti-Gun Platform in History

While you are carrying on with your lives, you may have heard that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is going on this week. This is where Hillary Clinton will become the official Democratic nominee for president and the Democratic Party will adopt its official... Read More

CA Gun Rights Update: Don’t believe the media…

California lawmakers head back to Sacramento in just a week for the last month of the session, and we expect their all-out assault on your civil rights to continue. We are angry that “leaders” like Kevin DeLeon, Isadore Hall and Evan Low keep giving the... Read More

Tell Anti-Gun Politician #HandsOffMyPants

Do you know who your Sheriff is? Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones was duly elected by our community to keep our families safe and to enforce the law. But to Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, your voice doesn’t matter. McCarty doesn’t like that Sheriff Jones honors the... Read More

FIRE MISSION: Urge Gov To VETO Ghost Gun Bill

The last bill of “Gunpocalypse” has arrived at California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk and will be law in less than a week – unless we act now and flood the Governor’s phone and email demanding he veto this ridiculous proposed law… like he did in... Read More

The clock is ticking on this anti-gun bill…

Right before Independence Day, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a load of crazy, dangerous anti-gun legislation. It was literally Gunpocalypse! But Governor Brown was just sent one more anti-gun bill that will become law in less than two weeks unless he vetoes it. The anti-gun... Read More

“Pro-Gun” Politician Stabs Gun Owners In The Back

Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) has received plenty of endorsements and grades from pro-gun groups. We even gave her an “A” on our report card for last year’s legislative session. Hopefully she isn’t expecting that high of a grade anymore as she decided to... Read More

Assemblymember Evan Low Can’t Even Look At Gun Owners…

Meet Assemblyman Evan Low. He’s considered a rising star in not only California politics, but on the national stage. That’s mainly due to the fact that he’s only 33 and has already been in government for over 10 years. The millennial career politician is going... Read More