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Stand for the Second Amendment in New Jersey

You’re making a difference! Governor Chris Christie just issued a conditional veto against two terrible anti-gun bills, A.3689 and S.816. A conditional veto is when the governor vetoes a bill sent to him by the legislature and amends it into something he is willing to... Read More

Watch FPC Defend Your Rights

"The fact that we have a bill here where the body that's passing it has ignored its own rules is the very definition of a tyrannical government."... Read More

FIRE MISSION: They are Pricing You out of Your Rights…

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) is trying to price you out of fundamental rights. That’s the only excuse for AB 450. McCarty’s bill that would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California. McCarty’s bill would force some regular, law-abiding Californians to lie defenseless because... Read More

ALERT: Anti-Gun AB 466 Defeated!

The good news keeps coming in this week. Shortly after FPC was able to get pro-gun amendments added to AB 2510 to ensure there were needed protections for concealed carry permit holders, FPC was able to kill another anti-gun, anti-carry bill! AB 466, by Assemblymember... Read More

Don’t Lawmakers Have Anything Better to Do?

Don’t lawmakers have anything better to do? You might have thought we’d dodged the most idiotic proposal of the year when Governor Brown vetoed AB 1673, which would have defined things that are not firearms as firearms. But the California Legislature is now pushing SB... Read More

VICTORY: AB 2510 Amended!

As you know, California Assemblymember Eric Linder (R-Corona) had been actively pushing AB 2510, which sought to create a modern CCW, but lacked much-needed protections for CCW holders. Since its introduction, we have been working tirelessly in order to fix it. But thanks to your... Read More

Are Cops Eating their Own Over the Handgun Roster?

All cops are created equal… But some cops are more equal than others. At least that’s the caste system the California State Legislature is creating for the Handgun Roster. For those that don’t know, the Handgun Roster was created to maintain a list of “not... Read More

FIRE MISSION: Demand Passage of SB 443 to Protect Gun Rights

Did you know that if you or one of your family members are merely suspected of being involved in certain crimes, your private property, including your firearms, can be permanently seized without due process? This scary process is called civil asset forfeiture. As a civil rights... Read More

FIRE MISSION #2: End the Ban on Gun Speech

*This is the last FIRE MISSION of the day – Thank you for making your calls and signing the petitions!* The California Legislature hates guns so much that now they are starting to ban firearms-related speech in public. AB 1373, proposed by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago... Read More

FIRE MISSION: Stop the Attack on Middle Class Gun Owners

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) hates the middle class. That’s the only excuse for AB 450, McCarty’s bill that would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California. McCarty’s bill would force some regular, middle class, law-abiding Californians to lie defenseless because... Read More