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Gov. Brown Vetoes Anti-Gun Bills

Thanks to our lobbying and your grassroots efforts, Governor Brown just VETOED two anti-gun bills. It wouldn’t have happened without your support. The bills the Governor just vetoed were: AB 450, by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), would have allowed local sheriffs and police chiefs to... Read More

We’re Only 75 Days From Seeing These Anti-Gun Bills Again

This has been a rocky year for all of us. We’ve been knocked down a couple of times, but we’re not giving up the fight. We’re confident that the anti-gun laws that were passed will be beaten, whether on the ballot thanks to our friends... Read More

Congress is Attacking Gun Rights Again

We told you this was going to happen. On July 8th FPC and other gun rights groups beat HR 5611, which would’ve created brand new secret watch lists that would be run by the corrupt Justice Department and influenced by President Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.... Read More

Stop these Anti-Gun Measures from Passing in New Jersey

We need you to get active and into the fight now! Sign the petition against these bills. And then call Governor Christie and ask that he VETO any anti-gun bill that gets to his desk at 609-292-6000.... Read More

FIRE MISSION: Urge Gov. Brown to Sign AB 884

The freedom to express political opinions is the heart of the First Amendment. And it makes our jobs incredibly difficult if we can’t show you what the gun grabbers are doing come election time. ... Read More

Urge Governor Brown’s Signature on Pro-Gun, Pro-Civil Rights SB 443

Did you know that if you or one of your family members are merely suspected of being involved in certain crimes, your private property, including your firearms, can be permanently seized without due process? This scary process is called civil asset forfeiture. As a civil... Read More

The CA Legislature has Left Town… But Gun Rights are Still at Risk

The 2015-2016 California Legislative Session is finally over and they can’t create any more new laws until January of 2017. But before they left, they passed a slew of bills up to Governor Brown, which are now awaiting either his signature or veto. That means... Read More

ALERT: Uphold this Crucial Pro-2A Court Victory

We have the opportunity of a lifetime. Earlier in the year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of The Calguns Foundation lawsuit Teixeira v. Alameda County and essentially stated that in addition to your right to bear arms, you have a right to... Read More

Fire Mission #2: They are Banning “Gun Speech”

The California Legislature hates guns so much that now they are starting to ban firearms-related speech in public. AB 1373, proposed by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), will ban the advertising of firearms on certain billboards within his city.... Read More

FIRE MISSION #1: Your Rights will Become More Expensive to Exercise

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) is trying to price you out of fundamental rights. That’s the only excuse for AB 450, McCarty’s bill that would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California.... Read More