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Tell Obama: “No New Gun Control!”

We’re all excited for what seems to be a pro-Second Amendment administration and Congress coming into power come January. But we have to make it there first. A lame duck session of Congress, which has returned, will see Obama trying to push his anti-gun agenda... Read More

Who Replaces Kamala?

We now all know that anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris is advancing her political career. Now she will serve as one of California’s two U.S. Senators. And it is obvious that she will bring her elitist, progressive anti-2A agenda to Washington D.C. But that brings... Read More

Come and Take ‘Em Gavin

We just suffered a huge blow. And we, just like you, are disheartened. Prop 63 passed to regulate ammunition and turn millions of gun owners into criminals for merely possessing once “legal” standard capacity magazines with FPC and other gun rights groups being outspent 5 to... Read More

Prop 63 Passed… Now What?

We fought the battle of the century over the last year. Once Gavin Newsom announced his Safety for All Act – AKA the Ammo Ban, we stood side by side with our supporters and filed the first opposition committee. In conjunction with groups like the... Read More

The California Legislature is Almost Back in Session…

We have fought many battles this year. Some of them have not gone our way. But, we were able to score some major victories. Whether it was the bill that would have BANNED all semi-auto rifles like the M1 carbine and Mini-14, the bill that... Read More

Kamala Harris will Regulate You Out of a Gun

As we’ve told you before, Kamala Harris and her Department of Justice may have a nasty surprise for gun owners… just in time for the holidays. They may possibly drop anti-gun regulations at any time to enforce “Gunpocalypse” which was passed in July. In order to combat... Read More

Vice President Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon?

Can you believe the latest from the Wikileaks releases? Senator Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon was on a short list of candidates who were considered by Hillary Clinton to be her Vice President! Seriously! In a March 12th email exchange, Clinton staff shared a list... Read More

ALERT: Tell Kamala Harris to NOT Impose ANY Anti-Gun Regulations without Public Input

If you thought that Gunpocalypse was over and settled, I have some bad news for you… The second half of Gunpocalypse is just getting started. You see, when the Legislature passed and the Governor enacted all of the terrible anti-gun laws, they were really just... Read More

The Feds are Watching You at Gun Shows

The Federal government seems to jump at every opportunity to catalog and track gun owners. No matter how law-abiding we are, they don’t seem to care. Just recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had been working with local police... Read More

VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Pro-Gun Bill

Good news out of Sacramento. With only one day left to spare, Governor Jerry Brown has signed the last pro-gun bill on his desk.... Read More