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BREAKING: Gov. Kasich Signs Ohio Campus Carry Bill

Earlier today, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed SB 199, a bill that allows concealed carry of a firearm on college campuses and daycares, amongst other things. According to, SB 199 lifts the blanket prohibition on firearms at those locations and also at the public... Read More

BREAKING: Calif. DOJ Issues “High-Capacity” Magazine Ban Regulations

At 8:52 a.m this morning, we received from the California Department of Justice new “emergency” regulations on “large-capacity” (so-called “high-capacity”) firearm magazines. Files: Notice of Proposed Emergency Action (12/15/16) Text of Regulations Finding of Emergency Large-Capacity Magazine Permit Application (adopt) Large-Capacity Magazine Report (adopt) STD... Read More

The Second Half of Gunpocalypse Is Coming

If you thought that Gunpocalypse was over and settled since the election is over, I have some bad news for you… The second half of Gunpocalypse is just getting started. You see, when the Legislature passed and the Governor enacted all of the terrible anti-gun... Read More

PRO-GUN VICTORY: Petraeus dumped as SOS candidate

You did it! We are happy to report that President-Elect Trump has listened to the countless gun owners who voiced their opposition to General David Petraeus as Secretary of State and has picked Rex Tillerson. While the business mogul does not have a public history... Read More

This Is What We’re Up Against

You may have thought that a Trump win in the November election would solve all of our problems and allow us to use a Second Amendment friendly Supreme Court to gain back the ground we have lost. We sure did. And while we still intend... Read More

The California Legislature is Back

Just when you thought the attacks on our liberty had ceased, the California Legislature is back TODAY!… And that means they can start introducing bills at any time. We don’t know the exact plans they have been scheming but if last year is any indication,... Read More

Anti-Gun Xavier Becerra Tapped to Replace Kamala Harris as CA AG

Governor Brown has done it. He had the chance to pick someone to replace Kamala Harris that would represent all Californians, including gun owners. But instead, he chose someone who will literally be a clone of Harris: Congressional Representative Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles). While we... Read More

BREAKING: Kamala Harris’ DOJ issues heavy-handed new “Assault Weapon” Sales/Transfer FAQs for Dealers

The California Department of Justice has yet to issue new regulations regarding their intended implementation and enforcement of the new “Assault Weapons” ban and registration passed earlier this year in AB 1135 and SB 880. But that hasn’t stopped them from throwing their weight around... Read More

Prop 63 Passed… Help Us Beat It

We fought the battle of the century over the last year. Once Gavin Newsom announced Prop 63 – AKA the Ammo Ban, we made our stand. In conjunction with groups like the California Rifle and Pistol Association and Gun Owners of California, we were able... Read More

Urge Donald Trump to Follow Through and Appoint a Pro2A Justice to the Supreme Court

The last Election Day changed the course of the Second Amendment. A Hillary Clinton win would’ve put it on the path to extinction. It would’ve put in place a Congress that was hell bent on destroying our fundamental rights. And it would’ve left the Supreme Court... Read More