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WATCH: Senator Calls You Filthy For Being A Gun Owner

You’ll have to see this to believe it! A California State Senator called you “crazy, vicious and heartless.” He said you have “a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.” All because you care about gun rights! Now, we want you to... Read More

URGENT: Gunpocalypse Is Steps Away From Gov. Brown

This is the week. It is almost judgement day. Twelve of the worst anti-gun bills we have seen could be all moving to Governor Brown by Friday. Gunpocalypse has been moving through the Legislature and is almost to the Governor. This is the week that... Read More

ALERT: Gunpocalypse Eligible For Vote On Monday

The California State Assembly can’t seem to follow their own rules… all the while they are making even more rules for you to abide by. Earlier this week, they voted to allow their version of Gunpocalypse to skip the Appropriations Committee, which is supposed to... Read More

URGENT: “Ghost Gun” De Leon Goes After YOUR Ammo…

I can’t believe what Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon just did… De Leon, who was running SB 1235 to further regulate ammo, amended his bill so that it competes with Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All” Act… Otherwise known as the Ammo Ban. In essence, if... Read More

WATCH: Gunpocalypse Fast-Tracked

Earlier this week, the Senate fast-tracked 5 anti-gun bills out of its fiscal committee despite the fact that these bills have a HUGE cost to the state and gun owners. Watch our short video from that day and sign the petition to the Senate urging... Read More

BREAKING: Gunpocalypse Moves Forward Without A Vote

Earlier this week, we stopped the Senate from sending some of the Gunpocalypse bills forward without a vote. But now, the Assembly just did the same exact thing. They just voted to allow their version of Gunpocalypse to skip the Appropriations Committee, which is supposed... Read More

URGENT: New attack on CCWs via fee increase

In the dark of night, a new monster was created. AB 450 was gutted and amended when most of us were sleeping last night. Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), the guy who tried to destroy gun stores earlier in the year, is back again and has... Read More

URGENT: Stop anti-gun bill from skipping the process

AB 857, by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) is one of the many bills this year targeting “Ghost Guns.” It was rammed through the Senate in near secrecy only a couple of weeks ago. Now, it is eligible to be passed through the Assembly in... Read More

URGENT: Gunpocalypse Is Almost To Governor Brown

After yesterday’s victory, we still have to keep fighting! The Gunpocalypse bills in the Senate were going to be passed without even a vote taken. But YOU were able to stop that from happening. Last night, we asked you to contact the Senate and voice... Read More

BREAKING: Gunpocalypse stealth vote stopped

Your voice was able to make a HUGE difference earlier. 4 of the 5 Gunpocalypse bills were placed on the consent calendar, which means they could have passed without ever being brought up for a formal vote! But you put a stop to it. De... Read More