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  • Issue: California's Legislature Is Reconvening
  • Position: Remind Them
  • Author: ALL OF THEM
    • The California Legislature will be back in session in May. As Gideon Tucker so aptly put it: “No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”
    • With COVID-19 emergencies declared, this year's legislature is going to be working harder than ever to force infringements on you.
    • Regardless of how tone-deaf they may seem on certain issues, this is still YOUR Representative Republic, and it's imperative that they hear from you. 
    • You've stood with us before.  Together we have defeated gun control, even in California's legislature, and we need to relentlessly do it again!
    • FPC can’t stand alone in this endeavor. We need our Grassroots Army of dedicated members and supporters to join us!

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