Just when you thought they couldn't get any dumber...

Via Bustle: 

After a 14-year wait, Incredibles 2 has hit theaters and is a massive success, landing the eighth-largest opening weekend of all time. The film has been lauded its fun, family-friendly take on the superhero genre, but while that praise is warranted, there is one concerning element in the PG-rated film: the reoccurring, almost decorative presence of guns. Although Incredibles 2 is set in a technologically advanced world, guns are still present in several scenes — despite the fact that their inclusion is never necessary to the movie's plot.

In Incredibles 2, there isn't a scene in which a gun is held to a member of the Parr family’s head or anything nearly that dramatic in nature; the film's use of guns is much more subtle. In the opening sequence, Elastigirl uses a gun to shoot open a lock, an action that's easily overlooked because the weapon operates more as a tool than as a way to inflict bodily harm. In another scene, Jack Jack watches a black and white movie featuring a robber with a gun, and in yet another, a flashback scene of Winston and Evelyn Deavor’s parents sees the parents fatally shot by armed robbers. The film even ends with the Parr family following a getaway car of robbers shooting their guns.

Overall, Incredibles 2's use of guns is fairly minimal compared to many other action-centric movies; audience members may even exit the theater without really registering the fact that they were ever depicted on-screen. But the question is, are the guns necessary at all? In a fictional world as advanced and creative as Incredibles 2, one would expect equally creative weapons. Yet while those do exist in the film — there’s the use of mind control through television screens and very technologically advanced goggles — so do old-school, everyday guns.

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