He also missed the part where London's murder rate recently surpassed that of New York. 

Via Breitbart: 

Dr. Rowell Huesmann criticized private gun ownership while speaking to President Donald Trump’s Federal Commission on School Safety. Afterward, he released written notes in which he admitted the level of rape in gun-free U.K. is higher than in the U.S...

Huesmann did not get to finish all his points during testimony, so he turned over hand written notes afterward. In those notes he argued that the very sight of a gun sets wheels to spinning in the minds of certain youths.

He wrote:

A comparison of the frequency of types of violence in the United States and the United Kingdom is illuminating in this regard. Contrary to what many think, well done studies have shown that the risk of being violently victimized in the United Kingdom has been higher than in the United States for most years since about 1995. That is true for assault, robbery, rape, and many other violent crimes, but it is not true of homicide, of firearm assault, or school shootings. Obviously, weapon availability makes a difference.

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