Yet Another Anti-Gun Politician To #WearOrange In Prison

Yet another hypocritical, anti-gun politician who has abused power of his office to protect himself has been sentenced to prison.

Former Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanka led a criminal conspiracy in the Sheriff’s Department to deceive the FBI and its investigation of inmate abuse in L.A. county jails. Tanaka misled federal authorities and pressured deputies to not cooperate with investigators and was found guilty of conspiracy Monday and was sentenced five years in prison.

Tanaka built his career off a reputation for encouraging deputies to toe the line of policing that would spill into abuse and brutality. Tanaka used that profile in his 2013 bid for L.A. County Sheriff when he attempted to frame himself as being pro-second amendment in that he would issue Concealed Carry Permits “without favoritism.”

In another gross display of hypocrisy, Tanaka denied a vast majority of CCW permit applications his office received while serving as undersheriff. The few he did approve went to wealthy Hollywood executives, who in turn, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Tanaka.

Tanaka’s rival in that 2013 race was none other than famed anti-gun Sheriff Lee Baca, who essentially banned concealed carry licenses in L.A. County.

The two officials’ affinity for assaulting gun rights is only matched by their inclination for corruption and deception. Baca pleaded guilty earlier this year for also lying in the same investigation that sunk Tanaka.

If the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is going to attack your constitutional rights, it should at least be honest about it. Instead, it was run by unethical politicians who believed that the law should be enforced on everyone other than themselves and their dishonest cronies.

We deserve better.

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