Welcome to Oregon, Now Turn In Your Guns

I have some unfortunate news for anyone who was going to flee California for the greener pastures of Oregon…

Just a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the ISIS inspired Terrorist Attack in Orlando, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (besides her hatred for the Constitution, there seems to be no relation to Ca. Gov Jerry Brown) rolled out the most terrifying anti-gun policy rollout the Pacific Northwest has ever seen.

Taking advantage of the anti-gun rhetoric propagated by the mainstream media and following the lead of neighboring California’s own draconian gun laws, Brown opportunistically laid out a multi-part plan to erode Oregonians’ proud gun rights.

The first part of her plan included using executive orders to bypass lawmakers and the voters. Of course, if this sounds all too familar to you… it should. California has been the leader in bypassing the normal procedure to erode the Constitution.

In her press conference (surrounded by armed guards), she said, “We…understand that we face more than an epidemic of gun violence. If we want to end violence, we must fight ignorance and desperation.

“I am taking immediate action and will use my executive authority to strengthen existing Oregon law.”

Brown’s first decree laid the groundwork for a future firearm owners registry. Brown looks to take advantage of current state statutes by directing the Oregon State Police to keep firearm transaction records for a full five-year period, combined with any trace data from the (ATF) as well as any other data collected as evidence to build the most complete database she can under the widest possible interpretation of existing statutes.

THEN, she’ll allow the state police to use that information to launch brand new investigations–based on what she calls “purchase patterns”.

This ad-hoc approach to a gun owner’s database gives the police the authority to attack gun owners through vaguely worded authority to investigate people and/or businesses based on “patterns” and build a more permanent registry to harass gun -owners.

Next, Brown ordered the Oregon Health Authority to waste more taxpayer dollars for “gun violence research” —-research which would likely be used to create brand new anti-gun laws.

It specifically orders the Health Authority to produce annual reports on “gun violence “ and the “effects on public health”, furthering the national push by the anti-gun lobby to create a false narrative that gun ownership should be treated like a disease.

Brown’s executive mandates are especially offensive because she wasn’t even elected governor; she was appointed to the position after the previous governor resigned. Since then, she has exploited every available opportunity to ruthlessly attack the Second Amendment.

Brown is running this November to finish out her predecessor’s term and will assuredly use her probable victory to further impose pain and suffering on gun owners.

The anti-gun astro-turf organizations of the Pacific Northwest envision a “West Coast Wall” of gun control, stretching from Mexico to Canada, and they have an able and willing ally in Kate Brown and her overreaching executive pen.

Our enemies stand together and as gun owners, we need to stand united to fight.

Please sign our petition to Oregon Governor Brown and then pass this on to ALL of your friends in Oregon. They need to know what is happening!

Can we count you in?

Sign our petition below to oppose to Kate Brown’s offensive executive orders.