Shannon Watts Goes Fact-Free in Ohio State Comments

This morning, Ohio State University police shot and killed a man who, according to reports, used his vehicle and a knife to attack students.

Initial reports had claimed that there was an “active shooter” on the campus, but within an hour the information was updated to reflect that the attacker didn’t use a gun at all.

As usual, anti-gun activist (and founder of Moms Demand Action / Everytown) Shannon Watts didn’t wait for the facts to come out – she has a crisis to politicize and an agenda to push!




She was quickly called out for “politicizing this tragedy before the bodies are even cold,” but replied by cyber-bullying the person who had questioned her judgment and posting a “statistic” of questionable veracity.


According to CNN and a law enforcement source, the attacker was an 18-year-old lone-wolf “of Somali descent” who used a vehicle and a butcher knife to injure his victims – not a gun.

Watts clearly jumped the gun. Again.