Retired cop to California Senator Jim Nielsen: “What were you thinking?”

This just in: we received a copy of a blistering e-mail that Chris Ewens, a retired law enforcement officer and the owner of BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training, sent to California Senator Jim Nielsen earlier this afternoon regarding Nilsen’s vote to pass the anti-gun Senate Bill 707 (a story we broke this morning).

The message is reprinted with permission below:

Senator Jim Nielson:

What possessed you to support gun control?  I’m referring to SB707, which takes away the right of California concealed carry licensees to lawfully enter school grounds with their concealed handguns.

If this bill passes, parents and grandparents will have to park off-grounds and leave their handguns in their cars, in order to attend school functions.  What a cluster fxxk, and what an opportunity for thieves.

Bodyguards who are protecting the families of clients who have been threatened with harm will have to do the same.  Wait until wealthy residents of your district hear that you voted to take away their practical means of hiring bodyguards to protect their children to and from school!

I met you years ago at an event held at Dunsmuir Rod & Gun Club.  I thought you were a solid supporter of Second Amendment rights.  I was obviously wrong.  Maybe this was a back door deal for some other cause you support.  We all know the north state is not represented in Sacramento, which motivates our representatives to play “let’s make a deal” in order to get the scraps.  Whatever your motive, you disappointed many, many citizens who carry concealed with this vote.  I, for one, will not forget it when spreading the word and deciding how to vote.

Christopher Ewens
Retired California Law Enforcement Officer
Owner, BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training

If passed, SB 707 would expand the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 (“GFSZA”) to criminalize the carry of handguns for self-defense by law-abiding Californians licensed by their sheriff or police chief to carry (“CCW”) under Cal. Penal Code 26150, et seq.