Mark LaRue, LaRue Tactical Leading on Policy to Limit State, Local Law Enforcement Sales to Civilian Standards


According to this statement posted on LaRue Tactical’s Facebook page this afternoon, re-posted below in its entirety, LaRue Tactical will use the same state and local laws for private gun ownership to state and local law enforcement agency procurement. We support Mark LaRue’s thoughtful and reasonable position and thank him for his courageous leadership on this issue. We hope to see other manufacturers,┬ádistributors, and retailers follow suit.

We’d like to remind FPC supporters that Mark LaRue and LaRue Tactical are one of the very few firearms manufacturers who have seriously supported the fight for Second Amendment rights in the Golden State. LaRue makes some amazing firearms and accessories, and their great support of America’s gun owners and our Second Amendment rights make buying LaRue an even greater value.

02/08/2013 LEANDER, TX.

Updated Policy for State and Local Agency Law Enforcement Sales:

Due to the recent and numerous new Anti-gun/Anti-2nd Amendment laws passed and/or pending across our country, LaRue Tactical has been forced to reconsider how we provide products to state and local agencies.

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.

State and local laws have always been a serious focus of this firm, and we are now dovetailing that focus with the constitutional rights of the residents covered in their different areas by the old and new regulations.

We realize this effort will have an impact on this firm’s sales – and have decided the lost sales are less danger to this firm than potential lawsuits from erroneous shipments generated by something as simple as human error.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Mark LaRue

* * This policy does not apply to Military / Federal Agencies * *