Lies, Damn Lies, and…Gun Control Propaganda

The anti-rights community loves to throw out (up?) cute little misleading info-graphics, like this one from the ill-named Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Legal Community Against Violence / LCAV):


It’s no surprise to us that the “statistics” they used to develop their “serious” conversation piece weren’t cited in the piece. At all. And this is a practical decision: Why bother with facts when their goal is emotional response and social engagement? And, we’ll note, even when the anti-rights crowd does cite something, they nearly always cite themselves or a like-minded (and, more oft-than-not, similarly-funded by Joyce, Bloomberg, et al.) group that does a lot of their number generation. (“Number generation” is more commonly known as “making s*** up”.) Maybe they’re just nostalgic, trying to breathe new contextual life into an old refrain: “lies, damn lies, and gun control propaganda.”

So, for your viewing pleasure, is our response piece that is at least as accurate at theirs: