Have you seen the trailer for ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’ yet? (It’s here!)

If not, you need to. It’s really, really good.

Kris Koenig, Emmy® award winning producer and writer, announced today the launch of the trailer for Dead Patriot Films’ Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire, the first in a series of documentaries focused on gun issues in America.

FPC member organizations Second Amendment Foundation and The Calguns Foundation have each contributrd $5,000.00 to get this project off the ground. Koenig’s last project, 400 Years of the Telescope, a PBS Science Special, received five primetime national broadcasts by the network, along with international accolades, including a Best Director award and five Telly Awards.

In a rare opportunity to share with millions of Americans the truth about gun control’s racist roots and enduring idiocy, Assaulted pairs a high capacity production team with what is arguably the pivotal social issue in our efforts to re-integrate the fundamental civil rights protected under the Second Amendment into mainstream America.

Assaulted will take a critical look at a number of important legal and social elements including common semi-automatic rifles (often referred to as “assault weapons” by the anti-gun establishment), gun control legislative intent and efficacy, how ‘product safety’ is used as a means of gun control, and will show the ingenuity of gun owners dedicated to keeping and bearing their favorite firearms. The film will also address carry licensing, illustrating how some residents are treated differently than others by some law enforcement agencies – infringing on fundamental rights in the process.

Check out the trailer below and visit the film’s website for more information and to financially support this critical endeavor to share the truth