FPC Files Opposition to Anti-Gun California Assembly Bill 1134

California Assembly Bill 1134, an anti-gun proposal authored by Democratic Assemblyman Mark Stone of Santa Cruz, is awaiting consideration in the Senate Committee on Public Safety after being passed by the Assembly on April 16.

Your Firearms Policy Coalition filed a letter of opposition (read it HERE) urging committee members to vote “NO.”

Asm. Stone has admitted that his bill is a response to the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruling in Lu v. Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, which held that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) had instituted unlawful carry license application policies and practices and ordered the LASD to follow the law.

As FPC’s opposition letter explained, “AB 1134 would turn back the clock on our statutes and allow a sheriff’s department with a nearly 40 year history of contempt of the courts—now that it has finally been forced to comply with long-standing court orders and Cal. Penal Code section 26150, et seq.—to rewrite that law to ratify its malfeasance.”

“If California’s sheriffs are concerned about processing an increasing number of carry license applications, a better solution would be to remove that burden from them entirely by way of a standardized, objective, and fair process at the state level,” the FPC opposition letter concludes.

Gun owners can OPPOSE Assembly Bill 1134 by filing their own opposition to the measure using FPC’s Take Action grassroots activism tools.