BURN! BulletButton Inventor OWNS Governor Jerry Brown, Already Has a New Gun Control-Compliant Device in Production

Our friend Darin Prince – the inventor of the original Bullet Button and Price 50 magazine locking devices attacked in the two new “assault weapon” gun ban bills California Governor Jerry Brown signed yesterday – just burned Brown by dropping a new device (the BulletButton Reloaded) onto the market that will make AR-15 & AR-10 platform firearms fully compliant with the new laws after January 1, 2017.

Firearms Policy Coalition will very soon be offering these devices for sale (and giving some away) at our Official FPC Gear store, FPCgear.com.

Check out Darin’s video below and raise your aluminum (or real) middle finger to Moonbeam this weekend:

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The Second Amendment has never been in more danger than it has been at this very moment.

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