Bloomberg Can Bleed

Election night 2016 laid the foundation of Bloomberg’s West Coast Wall of Gun Control.

Anti-gun ballot measures were passed in California, Nevada and Washington and a pro-Bloomberg governor was elected in Oregon.

But now Bloomberg’s foundation may not be as solid as he would like.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt just issued an opinion that plainly stated Question 1, which was passed by a razor thin margin, will NOT be enforced in his state!

You can read the full letter here, but Laxalt essentially stood up to Bloomberg’s demands and said “NO!”

Bloomberg’s $15 million spent in Nevada and the army of anti-gun activists he purchased all proved useless because the Attorney General believes in the rule of law.

Not only is this optimistic for the people of Nevada, it should give all of us hope!

A man who is hell-bent on spending his wealth to strip away your rights has been defeated.

It is our first blow against Bloomberg since his full-blown attack against gun rights.

While it may not be the silver bullet we all would like to see, Bloomberg has never been put this far on the defensive.

And that is why we need you to stand with Adam Laxalt. Sign our petition in support of his stance against Bloomberg.

As Leonidas said in 300: “The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.”

Sign our petition today:

I, the undersigned, stand with AG Adam Laxalt and against the implementation of Bloomberg’s Question 1!