Chip In $10

The Bellingham City Council is attempting to abuse the Coronavirus outbreak to implement their own "emergency" gun ban. 

Late last week the council announced they are holding a meeting on Monday, March 23 at 7PM, with an "Emergency Ordinance" banning the sale, gift, distribution, or carrying of any firearms or ammunition.

This new ordinance clearly runs counter to the Second Amendment, and Article 1 Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution.

In addition to several court rulings enjoining the enforcement of such "emergency" bans there are also state and federal laws that make this measure illegal. 

RCW 9.41.290 preempts all local firearms laws in Washington State. 

Additionally, Bellingham's emergency "ban" seems to run afoul of 24 USC § 5207 -- which specifically limits local governments from taking this type of "emergency" action. 

Please TAKE ACTION below to oppose this unconstitutional and illegal gun ban attempt by the Bellingham City Council. They need to hear from you immediately.