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Restoring the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) reinforces gun control

  • Bill: S.1547 and HR2837
  • Position: Oppose
  • Sponsor: Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR] and Rep. Kustoff, David [R-TN-8]
  • Issue:
    • Two supposedly pro-gun Congressmen are at the forefront of this terrible idea.
    • These attempts to restore the ACCA are not pro-gun or pro-liberty.
    • Makes it easier to trigger a 15-year mandatory minimum prison term for a defendant who commits a firearms offense.
    • Changes "violent felony" and "serious drug offense" to "serious felony." Is there a felony that isn't "serious"?!
    • These bills are nothing short of a gift to gun prohibitionists.

Over the last several decades, with the 'wars' on drugs and terror ramping up exponentially, and the government more aggressively pursuing political dissidents, it has become exceedingly easy to "catch" a felony conviction for non-violent conduct. The way gun laws have been changing and turning people into felons by a stroke of the pen for something they once lawfully owned, suddenly becomes felonious in the blink of an eye. Take, for example, bumpstocks, or crazy ammunition purchase requirements. It's frightening to see Republicans clamoring for stricter sentencing for firearm crimes.

Even "enforce the current laws" is unacceptable, as there are dozens of organizations working on hundreds of State and Federal court cases challenging the constitutionality of existing gun laws. "Repeal" is the Constitutional, human liberty mindset. Harvey Silvergate lays out well how dangerous the criminal justice system has become with "Three Felonies a Day," where he points out how easily everyday people commit "serious" federal crimes at an average rate of three per day. Should someone carrying a firearm who accidentally catches a lobster that's too small be automatically be sentenced to 15 years in prison? After all, that person committed a felony while in possession of a firearm. Plenty of people are exercising their right to speech and more with civil disobedience to unjust laws; but technically they might have now committed crimes. Should that carry a mandatory 15 year prison sentence?

These bills need not be amended, there's nothing in them worth saving. They're a strong reinforcement of the failed idea that gun control works. We reject this garbage and so should you.


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