Firearms sales are trending up under President Trump.

Via Ammoland:

The Trump era NICS checks are continuing the trend to become the second highest year for NICS checks on record. 2016 is the current record holder, with 27,538,673 NICS checks for the year.

The next highest year was in 2015, with 23,141,970. 2,030,391 NICS checks were done in October, 2017.

Through the end of October, the NICS checks for 2017 have reached 20,266,289. November and December have traditionally been the highest months for NICS checks, correlating with hunting seasons and Christmas. 2016 only needs to accumulate 2,875,681 NICS checks in the last two months of the year to become the second highest year on record. Every year since 2010 has exceeded that number for November and December.

It is more likely that the totals for November and December in will be over four million checks. They have been over four million for four of the last five years.

Four million more NICS checks would be over 24 million checks for the year.

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