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HR 3267 -- Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act -- is an appropriations bill brought forward in Congress.

The bill has many pro-Second amendment provisions including:

  1. A ban on the use of funds for Obama's gun registration program for FFLs in border states;
  2. An effective block on any sort of implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty;
  3. A permanent block on an ATF classification that resulted in a ban on shotgun imports.

However, the legislation still doesn't provide funding for the Federal Rights Restoration Program, a program designed to restore the civil rights of individuals who lost them for a period of time.

This program has existed since 1992, but Congress has refused to fund it year after year.

Not only that, Congress has refused to allow individuals to pay for their own applications as an alternative funding mechanism.

This is shameful. America is a land of second chances and everyone should have an opportunity to get their life back after making a mistake.

Tell your representatives to amend HR 3267 and fund the Federal Rights Restoration Program below!