Who Replaces Kamala?

We now all know that anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris is advancing her political career. Now she will serve as one of California’s two U.S. Senators.

And it is obvious that she will bring her elitist, progressive anti-2A agenda to Washington D.C.

But that brings up an important question:

Who will replace Kamala as California’s top law enforcement official?

The duty of replacing Kamala is Governor Jerry Brown’s.

Then, after Brown’s pick, the Assembly and Senate both have to approve of the individual.

So, we have three opportunities to stop any blatantly anti-gun AG and make sure we get someone who will actually work with FPC and other gun rights organizations.

I’m going to be honest with you. The choices many top Democratic officials are floating around aren’t great.

Some have suggested Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, the former Assemblymember who carried AB 809 which forced the registration of thousands of newly purchased long guns.

Others have thought of other lawmakers and officials who have violated the rights of Californians by supporting and authoring bills and policies that have disregarded the Bill of Rights.

But no matter who is considered the leading candidate, the fact that so many anti-gunners are being considered for the post makes our jobs that much more urgent.

We need to tell Governor Brown to appoint someone who will actually follow the Constitution and work to defend the rights of law-abiding Californians.

Governor Brown is already deciding who will be the next California AG.

Kamala won’t officially leave the State until she is sworn into the US Senate in January 2017.

But we CANNOT afford to wait that long.

The decision will have already been made.

Ensure that we can put pressure on Brown and get a good AG candidate.

We don’t have any time to lose! Sign below:

Governor Brown, please appoint an AG that will have the best interests of ALL Californians involved, not just those who seek to take away fundamental rights.