VT & Minn. Suppressor Bills (H. 5 & S.F. 878) awaiting Gov. signatures!

Two critical bills are awaiting approval by the governors of Vermont and Minnesota, respectively:


Minnesota Senate File 878 would, among other things, amend current law to recognize that suppressors lawfully possessed under federal law are lawful in Minnesota and provides a definition for what constitutes a “suppressor.”

This bill was passed at the end of the Minnesota Legislative session, which means the governor must sign the bill within 14 days, or it is automatically vetoed! Please TAKE ACTION to support this bill immediately!


Vermont House Bill 5 was recently amended to allow for the use of suppressors by “a person lawfully using a sport shooting range.” While this may be a small step, it does provide a good precedent for the future of gun rights and suppressor access in Vermont and the nation.

This bill must be signed within 3 days of the governor receiving the bill! Please join with FPC to TAKE ACTION in support of Vermont’s H. 5 Now!