URGENT: Anti-Gun Republican Takes On CCW Permits

Last year, Assemblymember Eric Linder (R–Corona) voted for Senate Bill 707 — the bill that gutted the Second Amendment right to carry and made CCW licensees into criminals for carrying on school grounds.

Eric Linder is going after your right to carry once again….this time in his Assembly Bill 2510.

For AB 2510, Linder partnered with the California State Sheriffs’ Association, a law enforcement group that opposes shall-issue CCW and supported the anti-gun AB 1134, AB 1014 (Gun Violence Restraining Orders), and numerous other gun control efforts.

Instead of doing the right thing and modernizing California’s CCW licenses into one, uniform state-standard plastic card, AB 2510 would allow over 500 different local agencies to create their own unique format and style of CCW permit.

FPC has attempted to fix the bill – but the author and his sponsors are committed. They just cant seem to leave us alone. If it cant be fixed it must be stopped!

Help us STOP AB 2510 before Linder and his anti-gun pals at CSSA sneak this trojan horse gun control bill through the Legislature.


1. Call these key Legislators and ask them to vote no on AB 2510 and urge the author to fix his bill:

  • Asm. Melissa Melendez – 916-319-2067
  • Asm. Catherine Baker – 916-319-2016
  • Asm. James Gallagher – 916-319-2003
  • Asm. Brain Dahle – 916-319-2001
  • Asm. Tom Lackey – 916-319-2036
  • Asm. Don Wagner – 916-319-2068
  • Asm. Matthew Harper – 916-319-2074
  • Asm. Shannon Grove – 916-319-2034
  • Asm. Brian Maienschein – 916-319-2077

2. Call Eric Linder and tell him to fix his bill: 916-319-2060

3. Sign the petition opposing AB 2510: