URGENT: 5 Anti-Gun Bills To Be Voted On Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will be voting on 5 ANTI-GUN BILLS. 

These 5 bills were originally placed on the committee’s suspense file. The suspense file is where bills are placed when there is an exorbitant cost associated with them.

And all 5 of these anti-gun bills have huge costs. Not just to the state’s income but to our rights.

The deadline to pass these bills is tomorrow, May 27th.

Meaning we need you to take action RIGHT NOW against the following bills ASAP:

AB 1663, which will BAN rifles ranging from modern ARs to the M1 carbine and the Mini-14;

AB 1664, which will BAN all firearms with a bullet button;

AB 1673, which will CRIMINALIZE the possession of unserialized firearms parts;

AB 1674, which will BAN buying more than one firearm within a 30 day period;

and AB 1695, which will send gun owners HARASSING mailers regarding the myriad of laws they have already complied with.


Call the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee and ask that they “Hold ABs 1663, 1664, 1673, 1674, and 1695 on the suspense file!”

Sign the petition below. Time is of the essence:

I, the undersigned, oppose AB 1663, AB 1664, AB 1673, AB 1674 and AB 1695. I urge the Assembly Appropriations Committee to keep all 5 bills on suspense and not pass them to the Floor of the Assembly.