Urge Governor Brown’s Signature on Pro-Gun, Pro-Civil Rights SB 443

Did you know that if you or one of your family members are merely suspected of being involved in certain crimes, your private property, including your firearms, can be permanently seized without due process?

This scary process is called civil asset forfeiture.

As a civil rights organization that represents the interests of some of the most regulated, tracked, and legislated classes of people, we believe it is imperative that our supporters have access to their constitutionally guaranteed private property and due process rights.

Accordingly, we are actively supporting California Senate Bill 443 (Mitchell), which reforms civil asset forfeiture procedures and protects the fundamental property rights of Californians not convicted of any crime.

SB 443 will ensure that the state CANNOT take your legally owned firearms and other property without a conviction through civil asset forfeiture.

It has been able to make it through the Legislature and is now on the Governor’s desk.

Help us ensure that this common-sense reform is signed into law.

Contact the Governor at 916-445-2841 and politely ask that he sign SB 443.

And then sign our petition demanding the same.

We can protect the rights of gun owners, but it takes one more signature.

Get in the fight today!

I, the undersigned, SUPPORT SB 443 and URGE Governor Brown to sign the bill into law!