Urge Donald Trump to Follow Through and Appoint a Pro2A Justice to the Supreme Court

The last Election Day changed the course of the Second Amendment.

A Hillary Clinton win would’ve put it on the path to extinction.

It would’ve put in place a Congress that was hell bent on destroying our fundamental rights.

And it would’ve left the Supreme Court in tatters, filled with Justices that had no regard for the vision of the Founders.

But a Trump win has changed all of that.

He is arguably the most pro-2A President in decades based upon his previous statements (no fly-no buy aside).

Congress was held by Republicans and wasn’t won by the Democratic party, whose platform calls for the evisceration of gun rights.

The only hold up is the Supreme Court.

While President Donald Trump has claimed that he will nominate a Pro-2A Justice, we need to ensure that he stays true to his word.

Sign our petition to the newly elected President and ask him to follow through on his campaign promise and nominate a Supreme Court Justice that will uphold and defend the Second Amendment.

The court is vital to defending gun rights. We can only further our lawsuits if Trump keeps his promise.

Ensure it happens.

Protect the Supreme Court and ensure the Second Amendment won’t go extinct in our lifetimes.

I, the undersigned, urge President-Elect Trump to support the appointment of a Pro-2A Justice to the Supreme Court!