The Second Half of Gunpocalypse Is Coming

If you thought that Gunpocalypse was over and settled since the election is over, I have some bad news for you…

The second half of Gunpocalypse is just getting started.

You see, when the Legislature passed and the Governor enacted all of the terrible anti-gun laws, they were really just skeletons.

Framework for the Department of Justice and the vehemently anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris to add on to.

These regulations are just like laws as they are enforced by law enforcement.

The main difference: they are passed by unelected bureaucrats in the halls of nondescript office buildings without much public input. In fact, some of the worst laws exempted them from public comment completely.

That’s why it is critical that we continue our DOJ Regulation Watch program!

But it is going to take $3,200 in order to have the right pieces in place to analyze any regulations that drop this week.

FPC is one of the only entities monitoring DOJ and making sure we are on top of any changes that they decide to make.

We expect DOJ to come out with some of the new regulations regarding the anti-gun bills that were passed last July before the New Year.

Meaning there might be new regulations governing “assault weapons”, “ghost guns” or ammunition sales out at any point in the next 18 days that takes everybody by surprise if we aren’t on top of them.

Help us ensure that we aren’t behind the ball on anything that Kamala Harris decides to drop on us.

Make sure our DOJ Regulatory Watch Program is fully funded today!