The Return Of Gunmeggedon

What is the only thing crazier than Gunpocalypse?

If you guessed the return of Gunmeggedon, you’d be correct.

That may sound like a corny movie, but I can guarantee you these bills are terrifying.

Not too long ago, the Senate passed multiple anti-gun bills, in what was supposed to be under the radar.

We caught them in time and let the world know what they were intending to do.

Now, these bills are coming up again, this time in the Assembly Committees.

We usually only have a few days notice, but our intel has let us know that the bills will be heard on June 14th.

Meaning we have a little less than two weeks to defeat these bills in their first committee!

The bills being heard are:

SB 894 which mandates lost and stolen reporting within five days and penalizes individuals for reports that are turned in even a day late;

SB 1006 which allows the University of California to conduct biased gun violence research;

SB 1235 which seeks to implement mandatory ammo tracking and massive new fees;

SB 1407 which is the infamous “Ghost Gun” De Leon’s version of a Ghost Gun ban;

SB 1446 which bans all “standard” capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

We defeated some of the other Gunmeggedon measures already!

But we’re going to need even more people behind us if we want to defeat these bills NOW!

The road is going to be tough, but we already knew that.

We know you won’t lose faith at this critical juncture.

Let those that are voting on these bills hear your voice.

Help us ensure we bring the fight to the politicians!

Tell them NO!

Sign the petition below:

I, the undersigned, oppose all of the bills listed above and urge all politicians to do the same!