The California Legislature is Back

Just when you thought the attacks on our liberty had ceased, the California Legislature is back TODAY!…

And that means they can start introducing bills at any time.

We don’t know the exact plans they have been scheming but if last year is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride.

Whether it was the bill that would have BANNED all semi-auto rifles like the M1 carbine and Mini-14, the bill that would have mandated video surveillance in ALL areas of a gun store and forced most, if not all, out of business with outrageous insurance requirements, or the bill where your neighbor could’ve turned you in as a “violent” gun owner and had the police raid your home, we made sure that we took the fight to them.

While we relish in the fact that we beat those bills, here’s the scary news:

Those bills all may be back starting TODAY!

We need you to help us prepare for this battle.

Sign our petition to the new CA Legislators that are being sworn in and politely ask that they DO NOT sponsor any bill that infringes on our Constitutional rights.

And then make sure that you stand with FPC and inform you family and friends to do the same.

Their next attack on our rights could start this afternoon.

Make sure we win this battle in the war to restore our Second Amendment rights!

I, the undersigned, URGE all of the newly sworn in California Legislators to carefully consider the bills that they sponsor this year so they do not introduce any Constitutional infringing bills.