TAKE ACTION: Support Tax-Free Gun Safes

In an effort to promote proper firearms safety, Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) has introduced AB 2540.

AB 2540 provides tax relief and incentives for firearms safety devices and storage products, such as safes, by exempting them from sales tax.

Given that California law requires that firearms purchasers provide proof that they own the mandated firearm safety devices or state approved locking containers, it only makes sense that the state should also allow for a tax holiday to encourage gun owners and would-be gun owners to acquire the best safety products that fit the needs of their households.

Although it is a modest bill, it has the potential to save millions of dollars for gun owners across California, while increasing public awareness that law-abiding gun owners are all responsible and safety-conscious individuals.

Please help us pass AB 2540 by signing the petition and please consider joining FPC or making a donation in order to ensure we have the resources to fight to pass this bill into law.