TAKE ACTION: Bill Allows Your Boss or Professor to Take Your Gun Rights

Gun violence restraining orders were just implemented on January 1st of this year.

If you don’t remember them, they cause California gun owners to face a loss of their Second Amendment gun rights and confiscation of their firearms without prior warning if a family member or law enforcement officer requests a gun violence restraining order. The law allows the government up to two weeks following the issuance of a restraining order to set a hearing in which the subject of the order could argue for the reinstatement of their Second Amendment rights and return of any firearms seized.

But now, Assemblymember Ting (D-San Francisco) wants to make a horrible law even worse and has proposed AB 2607.

AB 2607 allows an employer, a coworker, a mental health worker who has seen the person as a patient, or an employee of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended to file for a gun violence restraining order.

If this law were to pass, your boss, your coworkers or your anti-gun, indoctrinating professor could strip away your Second Amendment rights.

Additionally, the bill makes no reference to what a school employee means. Obviously it could be a professor who has it out for the Bill of Rights, but it could also include anybody from a University’s President down to the school’s maintenance staff.

Ironically, the original text of AB 2607 stated that the intent of the bill was to “ensure that California‚Äôs public safety system is fair and just.”

There is nothing fair or just in allowing a raving, anti-gun zealot university professor (or your boss, coworkers, or your school’s janitor) to strip you of your natural rights.

But Ting has deleted those provisions just as easily as he hopes to delete the Second Amendment for millions of California gun owners.

Please sign our petition to STOP AB 2607 and share this with your friends and family so they can help save the 2nd Amendment.