TAKE ACTION: Even more redundant gun laws that YOU have to pay for

Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Alameda) believes that ALL law abiding gun owners don’t know the law. That’s why he apparently introduced AB 1695.

AB 1695 seeks to continuously appropriate gun purchasers’ involuntary contributions to the Firearms Safety and Enforcement Special Fund for the purposes of sending a mailed notice to gun purchasers reminding them of a tiny fraction of the thousands of statutes and regulations that govern the acquisition, possession, transport, storage, carry, loan, use, and transfer of firearms.

Strangely, firearm purchasers would only receive this mailing after paying their fees, passing a test on firearm law and safety, and receiving their certification (which remains valid for 5 years).

The senseless redundancy of AB 1695 is many-fold. Many of the laws cited in the notice content are, in fact, the same laws that the purchaser is complying with by conducting a lawful firearm transfer at a licensed dealer.Those same laws are required to be posted in plain view at the point of sale.

And how many times must a purchaser pay for the same notice with the same content to be mailed to them?

With the Department of Justice processing nearly one million firearm transactions in California on an annual basis, AB 1695 represents the needless waste of forests of paper, pallets of printer toner, and tons of disposed DOJ junk mail every year.

All paid for by YOU and ALL other gun owners in the State.

Help us beat back the red tape that all gun owners face every time we go to purchase a firearm.

Please sign our petition to oppose AB 1695 and ask your friends and family to oppose this bill as well.