TAKE ACTION: CA Gov. Brown’s Budget May Steal Gun Owner Money

After 898 bills officially became law only five days ago, next Tuesday, January 10th, is the first important date on California’s legislative calendar.

It is the day that Governor Brown introduces his budget for the next year.

But even more importantly for us, it is the day that, in the past, he has used to start the process of raiding accounts paid for by gun owners.

The Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) fund is supposed to be a self-sufficient fund that, not shockingly, is supposed to pay for the DROS program.

It is paid for by gun owners every time one goes to purchase a firearm and is how responsible firearms owners pay for their own background checks.

But, instead, the Governor has signed multiple budget measures that divert DROS money to pay for confiscation of firearm from those on the failed “Armed Prohibited Persons” (APPs) list.

And just last June, Brown signed a budget that raided yet another account paid for by gun owners, the Firearms Safety Fund to fund even more positions within the APPs program.

With record setting gun sales in California this year, the DROS account is sure to have record level funds available to the Governor to use as his slush fund to pay for other, more controversial programs.

That is why we need you to be proactive about his budget this year.

Call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841 and demand that he not use DROS funds for anything other than they were intended to be used for.

And then be sure to sign our petition urging that our funds be left alone and spent for their original and intended purposes!

We only have a few days. Get active now!

Governor Brown: Do NOT raid funds paid for by gun owners AGAIN! That money is used so responsible gun owners can pay for their own background check program!