SIGN: Stop the Senate’s “Assault Weapons” Ban

You have probably been closely following the two “assault weapons” bills, ABs 1663 and 1664, that have been slowly moving along in the Assembly.

But there is one more that you need to act on.

SB 880, by Senators Hall and Glazer (both democrats), attempts to subvert long-standing law regarding the definition of “detachable magazine”and “fixed magazine”. It relies on unclear, undefined language such as “without disassembly of the action” or “does not have a fixed magazine”and seeks to prohibit the purchase, inheritance, sale, transfer, transport, importation and manufacture of the most common and popular protected weapons of the modern era.

It has not been heard in committee yet, but we expect it to be heard next month.

SB880 would immediately ban and force the registration of millions of semi-automatic weapons in common use and protected under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. With guns sales and the shooting sports hitting new heights, SB 880 will result in potentially millions of firearms being taken off the shelves for sale, out of estates for bequests and ban the lawful transfer of collections and firearms.

This insane bill will create overnight felons for mere possession, transfer, transport or inheritance of common, protected items, creating criminal liability for residents and visitors.

We cannot let this happen.

Please sign our petition below to oppose SB 880 and share this with your friends and family so they can oppose this crazy bill as well.