Gunpocalypse Starts Again Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day.

Gunpocalypse is going to be up Monday, June 20th.

And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW!

Our operatives have let us know Friday that the Senate planned on hearing half of the Gunpocalypse bills on a special order of business in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

They were trying to get by without giving anyone the proper notice.

Fortunately we were able to blow the cover on their devious plans.

But all that won’t matter if YOU don’t get active NOW!

There is too much at risk.

These bills have already made it out of the first house and out of the first Senate committee, meaning they are only steps away from the Governor.

We MUST stop them in their tracks.

We need your support now more than ever!

The bills are as follows:
AB 1664 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
AB 1673 (Gipson): Redefines “firearms” to include items that are not firearms.
AB 1674 (Santiago): Bans buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.
AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms.
AB 2607 (Ting): Dramatically expands who can request a Gun Violence Restraining order.

There are only a few more chances we get at stopping these bills.


Take 30 seconds and sign the petition. If you already have, sign it again. Let’s inundate them with opposition.

It can mean the difference between victory or failure.

Make a difference! Kill these bills! And share this email with your friends and family so they can do the same!

Help us make history and stop the largest attack on the Second Amendment in American history!

I, the undersigned, oppose the anti-gun bills being brought forward on a special order of business in the Senate Appropriations Committee. I urge the committee to do the same!