Gunpocalypse Passes Based Off Of Vitriol And Lies

They hate you.

The answer to the question of why the “representatives” on the California Public Safety Committees continue to pass these nonsensical anti-gun bills has been there all along.

But it was never more apparent than today when they passed every single one of the Gunpocalypse bills through their committees.

Senator after Assemblymember after Senator after Assemblymember literally called you disgusting.

They blamed us, the NRA, Gun Owners of California, California Rifle and Pistol Assn., and every other gun rights group for the terrorist attack in Orlando.

We all apparently pulled the trigger.

Assemblymember Evan Low stated that “The reason they were murdered was because of your organization.” when speaking towards the NRA advocate.

By exercising our Constitutional rights, Senator Kevin de Leon says we are making a mockery of the state laws.

The way they spoke about gun owners was akin to how someone speaks of cancer or some other horrific disease that needs to be removed and eliminated.

We are heartless individuals who don’t care about protecting people; but we only care about holding a weapon in our hand.

The Brady Campaign advocate came up to our lobbyist, Craig DeLuz, outside of the Senate Public Safety committee and personally blamed him for the death of 49 Americans this past weekend.

According to Senator Hall, we need to “wash out our mouths” because we are all filthy.

By owning guns, Hall said we are protecting the terrorists and murderers that are attacking Americans.

We are vicious, hateful and subhuman.

F**k them.

I have literally had it.

I have had it with their treasonous actions in pushing for the evisceration of the United States Constitution.

Please, join the fight.

If they are dead set on passing these bills based off of lies and idiotic reasoning, then we will at least be in their face the whole way.

And that is exactly what they did. They refused to listen to any sound logic or reasoning. They, instead, relied on personal attacks against pro-gun speakers.

The bills now head to the Appropriations Committee in each house. We can only hope that these committees aren’t as vitriolic and spiteful against the people that literally pay their salary.

Now, I guess we should all go wash out our filthy mouths. Thanks for the suggestion, Senator Hall.

But before you do that, please sign below to let them know how you REALLY feel. And if you feel like giving Isadore Hall a call, his number is (916) 651-4035. But unlike him, please keep it civil:

To the Members of the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committee,

It is absolutely ridiculous that you would push unconstitutional bills through the process based off of vitriol and lies. Gun owners protect America. By disarming us, you are only furthering the goals of murderers, terrorists and other criminals. You are only making more victims.