Gunpocalypse arrives…

Gunpocalypse is coming…

You only have today to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Even if you’ve already signed, SIGN AGAIN to inundate the legislators with opposition.

On Tuesday, June 14th, 11 ANTI-GUN bills will be heard by various committees in the State Senate and Assembly.

We need to get active NOW!

There is hardly any time left to voice our opposition!

These bills have already made it out of there first house, meaning they are almost to the Governor.

Historically, it has always been easier to kill bad bills in their second house.

But we can only do that with your help!

The bills are as follows:
SB 880 (Hall): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.

SB 894 (Jackson): Re-victimizes victims by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms.

SB 1006 (Wolk):  University of California taxpayer funding for gun control research.

SB 1235 (de Leon): Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.

SB 1407 (de Leon): Retroactively requires serial numbers to be placed on firearms dating back at least 50 years.

SB 1446 (Hancock): Confiscation of lawfully acquired, standard capacity ammunition feeding devices.

AB 1664 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.

AB 1673 (Gipson): Redefines “firearms” to include items that are not firearms.

AB 1674 (Santiago): Bans buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.

AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms.

AB 2607 (Ting): Dramatically expands who can request a Gun Violence Restraining order.

We’ve never been under fire like we have been this year.

They are literally trying to take away every last means of defending ourselves and our families.

With the stakes this high, can you spare 30 seconds of your time?

All I’m asking is that you sign our one petition against all of these bills and we will communicate your opposition to the appropriate committee on Tuesday.

Make a difference! Kill these bills! And share this email with your friends and family so they can do the same!

We are going to need all the help you can muster!

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE all the anti-gun bills listed above. They threaten my right to defend myself and my family.