Gun Rights at Risk as OR Legislature Returns Next Week

The Oregon State Legislature is back in session in one week and former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is going to want what he paid for in Oregon; gun control.

You see, when Michael Bloomberg and other wealthy elitists intervened in Oregon elections  in order to purchase the political landscape- it wasn’t for their health– it was to restrict our civil rights– our second amendment civil rights.

Gov. Kate Brown and her acolytes were heavily funded and pushed by Bloomberg and his gun control cronies– and now they want their spoils.

As a matter of fact, Bloomberg has dumped $4.1 million into Oregon to prep it for his initial, insidious push to eviscerate the Second Amendment.

In 2017, we’re all going to have to make a stand against Brown and Bloomberg. We have to tell his front group,  Everytown for Gun Safety, “not in my town!”

But we can only do that with your help.

We need to reach our goal of $7,500 in Oregon this month if we have any hope at all of running a policy and legislative program to ward off their civilian disarmament schemes.

We need people, we need ammunition, and we need it right now in order to beat back big-city elitists.

Gun owners  just scored a major victory in Nevada against Bloomberg’s Question 1, mandated background checks, with it being ruled unenforceable. But Bloomberg and Brown will now be overzealous to ensure that Oregon isn’t the next gun rights victory.  In fact, they are hoping to make Oregon the centerpiece of their “West Coast Wall of Gun Control “

Oregon is at the crossroads.

But state-by-state, region by region– we will go where the fight is and roll them back to their palaces and mansions in other states and countries.

Don’t be a Second Amendment Monday morning Quarterback, don’t watch it go by and point your finger and blame the next guy. Be the person who stood and fought. Motivate your like-minded friends to this very real threat to our way of life

Oregon’s Legislative Session will come and go before you know– and we already have their battle plan. They aren’t even hiding it. Where will you be when it happens?

Get active in the fight RIGHT NOW. It is the only way we can beat Brown, Bloomberg and their anti-rights comrades.

We can only win with your support!

Help us reach our 1st month’s goal NOW!