FPC Releases 2015 California Legislative Grades

Just as vote-by-mail ballots are about to land in mailboxes, the Firearms Policy Coalition is releasing their legislative report card for the 2015 legislative session.

Each legislator is graded based on how they handled priority legislation. Actions such as voting record, authorship and co-authorship of bills are included in the analysis of their records.

The highest scores in the California State Legislature belong to Republican Assemblymembers James Gallagher and Melissa Melendez, as well as Republican Senator Tom Berryhill, who all scored an A+ grade—and have been labeled Defenders of Liberty; a distinction that not only demands a stellar voting record, but also requires the member to actually author or co-author a pro-gun bill.

Other notables include top scoring Democrats Senator Richard Roth who received an “ A” and Assemblymember Jim Frazier with a “B” .

In contrast, Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, and Assemblymember Nora Campos bottomed out their respective houses scoring the lowest grade of “F-” and could be considered the most committed anti-gun owner and anti-gun rights Members of the Legislature.

Assembly01Brian DahleRA
Assembly02Jim WoodDF
Assembly03James GallagherRA+
Assembly04Bill DoddDF
Assembly05Frank BigelowRA
Assembly06Beth GainesRA
Assembly07Kevin McCartyDF
Assembly08Ken CooleyDD-
Assembly09Jim CooperDF
Assembly10Marc LevineDF
Assembly11Jim FrazierDB
Assembly12Kristin OlsenRA
Assembly13Susan Talamantes EggmanDF
Assembly14Susan BonillaDF
Assembly15Tony ThurmondDF
Assembly16Catharine BakerRC-
Assembly17David ChiuDF
Assembly18Rob BontaDF
Assembly19Philip Y. TingDF
Assembly20Bill QuirkDF
Assembly21Adam GrayDC+
Assembly22Kevin MullinDF
Assembly23Jim PattersonRA
Assembly24Richard S. GordonDF
Assembly25Kansen ChuDF
Assembly26Devon MathisRA
Assembly27Nora CamposDF-
Assembly28Evan LowDF-
Assembly29Mark StoneDF-
Assembly30Luis A. AlejoDF
Assembly31Henry T. PereaDF
Assembly32Rudy Salas, Jr.DD-
Assembly33Jay ObernolteRA
Assembly34Shannon L. GroveRA
Assembly35Katcho AchadjianRA
Assembly36Tom LackeyRA
Assembly37Das WilliamsDF
Assembly38Scott WilkRA
Assembly39Patty LopezDF
Assembly40Marc SteinorthRA
Assembly41Chris R. HoldenDF
Assembly42Chad MayesRA
Assembly43Mike GattoDF
Assembly44Jacqui IrwinDF
Assembly45Matthew DababnehDF
Assembly46Adrin NazarianDF-
Assembly47Cheryl R. BrownDF
Assembly48Roger HernandezDF
Assembly49Ed ChauDF
Assembly50Richard BloomDF
Assembly51Jimmy GomezDF
Assembly52Freddie RodriguezDF
Assembly53Miguel SantiagoDF-
Assembly54Sebastian Ridley-ThomasDD-
Assembly55Ling Ling ChangRA
Assembly56Eduardo GarciaDF
Assembly57Ian C. CalderonDF
Assembly58Cristina GarciaDF
Assembly59Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Sr.DF
Assembly60Eric LinderRC+
Assembly61Jose MedinaDF
Assembly62Autumn BurkeDF
Assembly63Anthony RendonDF
Assembly64Mike GipsonDF
Assembly65Young KimRA
Assembly66David HadleyRC+
Assembly67Melissa A. MelendezRA+
Assembly68Donald P. WagnerRA
Assembly69Tom DalyDF
Assembly70Patrick O'DonnellDF
Assembly71Brian W. JonesRA
Assembly72Travis AllenRA
Assembly73William BroughRA
Assembly74Matthew HarperRA
Assembly75Marie WaldronRA
Assembly76Rocky J. ChavezRA
Assembly77Brian MaienscheinRA
Assembly78Toni AtkinsDF
Assembly79Shirley N. WeberDF
Assembly80Lorena GonzalezDF-
Senate01Ted GainesRA
Senate02Mike McGuireDF-
Senate03Lois WolkDF-
Senate04Jim NielsenRB-
Senate05Cathleen GalgianiDD
Senate06Richard PanDF-
Senate07Steven GlazerDF-
Senate08Tom BerryhillRA+
Senate09Loni HancockDF-
Senate10Bob WieckowskiDF-
Senate11Mark LenoDF-
Senate12Anthony CannellaRA
Senate13Jerry HillDF-
Senate14Andy VidakRA
Senate15Jim BeallDF-
Senate16Jean FullerRA
Senate17Bill MonningDF-
Senate18Robert HertzbergDF
Senate19Hannah-Beth JacksonDF-
Senate20Connie LeyvaDF-
Senate21Sharon RunnerRA
Senate22Ed HernandezDF-
Senate23Mike MorrellRA
Senate24Kevin de LeonDF-
Senate25Carol LiuDF-
Senate26Benjamin AllenDF-
Senate27Fran PavleyDF-
Senate28Jeff StoneRA
Senate29Bob HuffRA
Senate30Holly J. MitchellDF-
Senate31Richard D. RothDA
Senate32Tony MendozaDF-
Senate33Ricardo LaraDF-
Senate34Janet NguyenRA
Senate35Isadore Hall, IIIDF-
Senate36Patricia C. BatesRC+
Senate37John M. W. MoorlachRA
Senate38Joel AndersonRA
Senate39Marty BlockDF-
Senate40Ben HuesoDF