FIRE MISSION: Urge Gov. Brown to Sign AB 884

We need your support to ensure that Governor Brown does the right thing and signs AB 884 into law.

AB 884 was authored in response to our lawsuit, Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee v. Harris, which asserted that video created in the California State Assembly should not be prohibited from being used for political purposes.

Current law prohibits the use of the Assembly’s video feed “for any political or commercial purpose, including . . . any campaign for elective public office or any campaign supporting or opposing a ballot proposition submitted to the electors.”

The freedom to express political opinions is the heart of the First Amendment.

And it makes our jobs incredibly difficult if we can’t show you what the gun grabbers are doing come election time.

If you can’t watch your legislators in action, then how are you going to know how to vote?

Help us ensure that this common-sense bill is signed into law.

Contact the Governor at 916-445-2841 and politely ask that he sign AB 884.

And then sign our petition demanding the same.

In order to protect the Second Amendment, we need to inform you of what is actually happening. AB 884 allows us to do just that.

I, the undersigned, SUPPORT AB 884 and URGE Governor Brown to do the same!