Fire Mission #2: They are Banning “Gun Speech”

ALERT: This is the last of two Fire Missions today. Time is running out as there are only 2 days left of the Legislative Session. Get active before it is too late!

With the major distractions of “Gunpocalypse” and many other issues, AB 1373 is flying through the process.

We need you to help us fight this bill right now!

The California Legislature hates guns so much that now they are starting to ban firearms-related speech in public.

AB 1373, proposed by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), will ban the advertising of firearms on certain billboards within his city.

Banning gun speech is yet another strategy gun grabbers use to harm gun sales without direct government regulation. It “otherizes” firearms and their owners and makes it publicly acceptable to pass laws that infringe on the Second Amendment.

AB 1373 proves that they won’t be satisfied with simply taking away your Second Amendment rights. They’ll work to restrict your First Amendment right to even talk about guns – or any other idea they find offensive – and hardly anyone knows it is happening.


1. Sign the petition opposing AB 1373.

2. Call the following Assemblymembers and ask that they vote NO on AB 1373 because it is opposed by Firearms Policy Coalition and it silences constitutionally-protected firearms speech.

3. Pass this on to your friends and family!

Sign below:

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE AB 1373 and URGE my legislator to do the same!