FIRE MISSION #1: Your Rights will Become More Expensive to Exercise

ALERT: This is the first of two Fire Missions today. Time is running out as there are only 2 days left of the Legislative Session. Get active before it is too late!

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) is trying to price you out of fundamental rights.

That’s the only excuse for AB 450, McCarty’s bill that would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California.

McCarty’s bill would force some regular, law-abiding Californians to lie defenseless because they can’t afford to obtain a permit, and force others into breaking the law because they cannot afford to renew their CCW.

Under McCarty’s bill, only the wealthy or politically connected would be able to obtain CCWs and legally protect themselves and their families. McCarty is placing an undue, onerous burden on the very same Californians who have trouble feeding their families or keeping a roof of their head, all because they want to exercise their rights.

AB 450 is class warfare at its most abhorrent.

Just imagine what would happen if they tried to price people out of other fundamental rights, like free speech or voting…

The bill has made it to the Assembly floor.

We need you to help us fight this bill right now!


1. Sign the petition below OPPOSING AB 450.

2. Call these key members and ask that they vote NO on AB 450 because it creates a pay-to-play system to obtain the means to lawful self-defense..

3. Pass this on to your friends and family!

Sign here:

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE AB 450 and URGE my Legislator to do the same!