Fight Gunpocalypse Now!

The anti-gun bills that passed the Senate last week may be brought up by suspending the rules tomorrow, May 26th!

These bills include freedom infringing laws like a BAN on bullet buttons, an AMMUNITION DATABASE to track all of your purchases, the CONFISCATION of lawfully owned firearms parts, the FORCED SERIALIZATION of ALL firearms dating back to over 50 years, and a BAN on sharing firearms.

Until they are sent to their “normal” committees, we need to keep the pressure turned up to 10!

Sign our petition to demand that Assembly leadership not suspend the rules and allow the bills to be heard in the normal legislative process.

Once you’ve signed, call the Assemblymembers in leadership below and politely ask them to not suspend the rules and to send the 10 anti-gun bills that passed the Senate last week to their proper committees so they can go through the normal legislative process.

  • Speaker Anthony Rendon –  916-319-2063
  • Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon –  916-319-2057
  • Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes – 916-319-2042

Make sure they hear your voice ASAP!

Leaders of the California State Assembly, please DO NOT suspend the legislative rules! The anti-gun bills that were just passed through the Senate need to be referred back to their proper committees instead of being brought up on the Floor for a vote!