End The Attack On Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) is intent on making the State of California a more dangerous place.

McCarty, the guy who tried to destroy gun stores earlier in the year, is back again and has his sights set on ending concealed carry as we know it in California.

He has amended two measures, AB 450 and AB 466, that will make it even more impossible to get or renew a permit unless you are among the rich and elite.

But with those bills, he will also be gutting the most stringent gun safety requirements in the country.

If McCarty’s bills were to pass, are we expecting the thousands of people who are currently allowed to carry just to stop?

The answer is a resounding NO.

What McCarty’s plan will really do is END background checks for people who choose carry and lack the money or political connections.

It will PURGE “commoners” from the state list of those who can “legally” carry.

It will REMOVE all safety requirements for the majority of us to be able to carry as there would be no need to take the mandated safety classes.

It will PUT law enforcement and individuals more at risk during routine police stops.

And it will ENSURE that everyone who currently holds a CCW or wants one in the future will have the opportunity to not comply with yet another unconstitutional law.

In essence, if McCarty’s measures pass, he will be entirely responsible for driving the concealed carry community underground.

His bill will not stop any criminals. If the definition of a criminal is someone who does not follow the law, then his bill will only be responsible for creating even more criminals.

The exact number of which are current, law-abiding CCW permit holders and those who hope to get one in the future that are not his rich, elitist friends.

We need you to tell the Legislature NO right now!

We still have time to convince them that turning the most law-abiding citizens into criminals is one of the worst decisions they can make.

These bills will be heard right when session picks up again so time is of the essence!

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE Asm. McCarty’s attempt to turn good law-abiding people into criminals. Please oppose ABs 450 and 466!