California: Contact Gov. Jerry Brown to OPPOSE Senate Bill 707 NOW!

Anti-gun California Senate Bill 707 was passed by the Legislature and is now sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. This dangerous gun control bill WILL BECOME LAW on January 1, 2016 if it is not vetoed by Gov. Brown.

ALL gun owners and Second Amendment advocates need to contact Gov. Brown NOW and urge him to VETO SB 707.

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UPDATE: Read more about FPC’s planned lawsuit against SB 707 if it becomes law.

How to Fight SB 707

1.   Click to Call Gov. Brown at (916) 445-2841 and respectfully request his VETO of Senate Bill 707

2.   Send Gov. Brown your letter of opposition using FPC’s secure Gun Rights Grassroots Action form below.

3.   SHARE THIS important Gun Rights Alert and ask 5 other gun owners to FIGHT SB 707!

Senate Bill 707: What it Does

  • SB 707 eliminates the carry license (“CCW”) exemption to the Gun-Free School Zone Act (Penal Code § 626.9), making possession of handguns on school grounds (K-12, community college, and university) by licensed, trained, and background-checked Californians illegal.
    • “School grounds” is a broad term that could be interpreted to encompass extensions, auxiliary facilities, sports complexes, and even remote, outdoor agriculture areas
  • SB 707 eliminates the carry license (“CCW”) exemption to Penal Code § 30310, making even accidental possession of ammunition on school grounds illegal
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If SB 347 becomes law, a violation of § 30310 will also result in a 10-year total gun ban
  • SB 707 adds unconstitutional new exemptions for retired government employees (retired peace officers, retired reserve peace officers)
    • Big labor political organizations and unions cut deals in the Legislature to support gun control bills that attack your rights in exchange for special privileges for them!
  • You can read the full text of SB 707 here

Senate Bill 707: Talking Points

  • SB 707 will cost California taxpayers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to enforce –without offering a single public safety benefit.
  • SB 707 is completely un-necessary and redundant with dozens of existing California public safety laws.
  • SB 707 cannot and will not prevent any crimes.
  • SB 707 will only serve to entrap and make criminals out of law-abiding Californians who were issued a carry license by a sheriff or police chief after passing a full Live Scan background check, law enforcement interviews, and successful completion of an agency-approved training course.
  • SB 707 violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.
  • Should it become law, SB 707 will be challenged in a federal civil rights lawsuit on Equal Protection grounds. The State will lose under longstanding 9th Circuit precedent and a legally-persuasive opinion issued by then-Attorney General Jerry Brown.
  • If SB 707 becomes law, California taxpayers will:
    • Pay the Department of Justice to defend a facially unconstitutional bill;
    • Pay the prevailing plaintiffs’ costs and attorneys fees; and,
    • Have nothing positive to show for it.

Tell Gov. Brown to VETO Senate Bill 707!