California: Contact Gov. Jerry Brown to OPPOSE Senate Bill 347 NOW!

Anti-gun California Senate Bill 347 was passed by the Legislature and is on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

This dangerous gun control bill WILL BECOME LAW as of January 1, 2016 if it is not vetoed by Gov. Brown.

Gun owners need to contact Gov. Brown NOW and urge him to VETO SB 347!

How to Fight SB 347:

1. Click to Call Gov. Brown at (916) 445-2841 and respectfully request his VETO of Senate Bill 347

2. Send Gov. Brown your letter of opposition using FPC’s secure Gun Rights Action form below or at

3. Fax Gov. Brown a short message requesting his veto of Senate Bill 347 to (916) 558-3160
Keep your fax short and direct; be sure to put “Senate Bill 347 – VETO REQUESTED” at the very top

Senate Bill 347: What it Does

  • SB 347 would create a new misdemeanor crime and 10-year total gun ban for anyone convicted of possessing ammunition on school grounds, as well as two other un-related offenses.
  • A violation of Penal Code § 30310 does not even require the person to have a firearm on them — simply possessing a single cartridge of ammunition on school property would result in a stiff criminal penalty and the total loss of their Second Amendment rights for a decade.
  • SB 347 would institute a ten-year blanket ban of a person’s fundamental Second Amendment civil rights even in the case of non-violent, technical violations of a strict liability crime in Penal Code § 30310.
  • You can read the full text of SB 347 here.

Senate Bill 347: Talking Points

  • Subjecting people to a ten-year total firearms ban for a non-violent, technical violation of law is excessive.
  • SB 347 should be vetoed and sent back to the Legislature with instructions to address Penal Code § 30310’s deficiencies before making the simple, non-violent possession of ammunition—itself a misdemeanor—result in a ten-year loss of fundamental, individual civil rights.

Tell Gov. Brown to VETO Senate Bill 347!